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Welcome to my new article, today I will show you Athena OS, a new open-source Pentesting distribution based in Arch Linux. Let’s get started!!!

Description from Github Repo:

Athena is a Arch Linux-based distro focused on Cybersecurity. Learn, practice and enjoy with any hacking tool!

GitHub — Athena-OS/athena-iso: Athena is a Arch Linux-based distro focused on Cybersecurity. Learn…

Pentesting: Athena can access to BlackArch repository, the biggest pentesting tool warehouse. User-oriented: if Arch is…

Why Athena?

  • Pentesting: Athena is based on the BlackArch repository, the biggest pentesting tool warehouse.
  • User-oriented: if Arch is born for experienced users, Athena was conceived for decreasing complexity and improving user experience.
  • Lightweight: Athena optimizes the disk space consumption by retrieving the tools you need only when you use them. Tools you never use won’t be stored and the space is only used for what you really need.
  • Performance: Athena is based on Arch Linux so it is configured to load the bare minimum for its purpose. No useless services, no useless modules consuming your resources.
  • Flexibility: for its Arch nature, Athena is flexible and can easily evolve to the new needs of the users.

System Requirements

Recommended system requirements for smooth usage in Athena are:

  • 20 GB of hard disk space, SSD preferred
  • At least 4GB of RAM
  • Processor with at least two cores


The most important thing about Athena, is that it has all the hacking tools you may need and they are creating a very good community with creators who can bring their personal tools to the OS.
But, it has more things, and I will show you the features that are different with all the other Hacking and pentesting distributions.


Here are screenshots from all themes in Athena, are very very nice themes.

Hacking Variables:

These are all hacking variables in the system:

These variables make it much easier to utilize tools and wordlists on the go.

I believe the best hacking variables are:

  • Seclists
  • PayloadAllTheThings
  • Rockyou
  • Mimikatz

Thats all from hacking variables.


The browser have this bookmarks with much content inside everyone:

  • Bug Bounty
  • Crypto Tools
  • Events
  • Exploit Database
  • Hacking Plataforms
  • Hardware
  • Reverse Shells

and more…

Pentonix Menu:

You can display this menu with CTRL + TAB

And now… my favorite feature, the pentonix menu, this menu it’s amazing, is very pretty, also you can interact and use HackTheBox with this menu.

All Machines

But there are some more options:

  • TryHackme
  • PentesterLab
  • PortSwigger
  • Offensive Security

and more..

Tools Menu:

You can display this menu with CTRL + SPACE

Here you have all the available tools, in group by the type of tool:

  • Information Gathering
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Password Attacks
  • Sniffing
  • Wireless Attack
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Explotation
  • Post Explotation

Creator of Athena OS:
“Athena OS is born for providing a different pentesting system to the users. It does not want to be only a set of hacking tools, but it aims to make connections between the user and the InfoSec resources like software, integration with hacking platforms, websites, environment variables and social media. The purpose is to improve productivity and turn everyone into a student by providing the resources they need to improve in the Cyber Security field. Athena is just at the beginning.”

Collaborator of Athena Message:

As one of the QA people I was fascinated by AthenaOS as I always had been looking for an arch-based pentesting distro so I could ditch kali and parrot, so when CyberViking shared it on Instagram, I immediately reached out to D3v who was working on it and we clicked really quick with our ideas and began to improve AthenaOS. We implemented many new features in this release and looked at all the major issues. And we all are really proud of this major release and can’t wait for you guys to see our next one. If you want to get involved and give us some feedback, join our discord server:


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