Locate the Network Range

Locate the Network Range

Network range information assists in creating a map of the target network. Using the network range, you can gather information about how the network is structured and which machines in the networks are alive. Further, it also helps to identify the network topology and access the control device and operating system used in the target network.

Here, we will locate the network range using the ARIN Whois database search tool.

Here, we will consider www.airbnb.com as a target website. However, you can select a target domain of your choice.

Open Mozilla Firefox. In the address bar of the browser place your mouse cursor and type https://www.arin.net/about/welcome/region and press Enter

If More secure, encrypted DNS lookups notification appears at the top section of browser, click Disable.

ARIN website appears, in the search bar, enter the IP address of the target organization (here, the target organization is airbnb.com, whose IP is, and then click the Search button.

You will get the information about the network range along with the other information such as network type, registration information, etc.

This concludes the demonstration of locating network range using the ARIN Whois database search tool.

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