Gather Personal Information using PeekYou Online People Search Service

Gather Personal Information using PeekYou Online People Search

Online people search services, also called public record websites, are used by many individuals to find personal information about others; these services provide names, addresses, contact details, date of birth, photographs, videos, profession, details about family and friends, social networking profiles, property information, and optional background on criminal checks.

Here, we will gather information about a person from the target organization by performing people search using the PeekYou online people search service

Launch any browser, in this lab we are using Mozilla Firefox. In the address bar of the browser place your mouse cursor and type https:// www.peekyou.com and press Enter

In the First Name and Last Name fields, type CESAR and PEREZ, respectively. In the Location drop-down box, select Florida. Then, click the Search icon.

The people search begins, and the best matches for the provided search parameters will be displayed.

The result shows information such as public records, background details, email addresses, contact information, address history, etc. This information helps attackers to perform phishing, social engineering, and other types of attacks.

You can further click on View Full Report hyperlink to view detailed information about the person.

Scroll down to view the entire information about the person.

This concludes the demonstration of gathering personal information using the PeekYou online people search service.

You can also use Spokeo (https://www.spokeo.com), pipl (https://pipl.com), Intelius (https://www.intelius.com), BeenVerified (https:// www.beenverified.com), etc., people search services to gather personal information of key employees in the target organization.

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