Gather Personal Information from Various Social Networking Sites using Sherlock

Gather Personal Information from Various Social Networking Sites using Sherlock

Sherlock is a python-based tool that is used to gather information about a target person over various social networking sites. Sherlock searches a vast number of social networking sites for a given target user, locates the person, and displays the results along with the complete URL related to the target person.

Here, we will use Sherlock to gather personal information about the target from the social networking sites.

Go to GitHub.com and search the Sherlock and enter it

# clone the repo
$ git clone https://github.com/sherlock-project/sherlock.git

# change the working directory to sherlock $ cd sherlock

# install the requirements
$ python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt Join Here to Learn

Come back to the kali linux open the terminal and flow the above steps

Type cd sherlock and press Enter to navigate to the sherlock folder.

Type python3 sherlock hackerman1337 and press Enter. You will get all the URLs related to Satya Nadella, as shown in the screenshot. Scroll down to view all the results.

The attackers can further use the gathered URLs to obtain sensitive information about the target such as DOB, employment status and information about the organization that they are working for, including the business strategy, potential clients, and upcoming project plans.

This concludes the demonstration of gathering person information from various social networking sites using Sherlock.

You can also use tools such as Social Searcher (https://www.social- searcher.com), UserRecon (https://github.com), etc. to gather additional information related to the target company and its employees from social networking sites.

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