Gather Information About a Target Website using Central Ops

Gather Information About a Target Website using Central Ops

CentralOps (centralops.net) is a free online network scanner that investigates domains and IP addresses, DNS records, traceroute, nslookup, whois searches, etc.

Open Firefox type https://centralops.net and press Enter. The Central Ops website appears, as shown in the screenshot.

To extract information associated with the target organization website, type the target website’s URL (here, www.airbnb.com) in the enter a domain or IP address field, and then click on the go button, as shown in the screenshot below.

A search result for www.airbnb.com containing information such as Address lookup, Domain Whois record, as shown in the screenshot

Scroll-down to view information such as Network Whois record and DNS records, as shown in the screenshots. The attackers can use this information to perform injection attacks and other web application attacks on the target website.

This concludes the demonstration of gathering information about a target website using the Central Ops online tool.

You can also use tools such as Website Informer (https:// website.informer.com), Burp Suite (https://portswigger.net), Zaproxy (https://www.zaproxy.org), etc. to perform website footprinting on a target website.

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