Gather Information about a Target by Tracing Emails using eMailTrackerPro

Gather Information about a Target by Tracing Emails using eMailTrackerPro

The email header is a crucial part of any email and it is considered a great source of information for any ethical hacker launching attacks against a target. An email header contains the details of the sender, routing information, addressing scheme, date, subject, recipient, etc. Additionally, the email header helps ethical hackers to trace the routing path taken by an email before delivering it to the recipient.

Download the email tracker pro install & launch it

The main window of eMailTrackerPro appears along with the Edition Selection pop-up; click OK

The eMailTrackerPro main window appears, as shown in the screenshot.

To trace email headers, click the My Trace Reports icon from the View section. (here, you will see the output report of the traced email header).

Click the Trace Headers icon from the New Email Trace section to start the trace.

A pop-up window will appear; select Trace an email I have received. Copy the email header from the suspicious email you wish to trace and paste it in the Email headers: field under Enter Details section.

For finding email headers, open any web browser and log in to any email account of your choice; from the email inbox, open the message you would like to view headers for.

In Gmail, find the email header by following the steps:

Open an email; click the dots (More) icon arrow next to the Reply icon

at the top-right corner of the message pane.

Select Show original from the list.

The Original Message window appears in a new browser tab with all

the details about the email, including the email header

In Outlook, find the email header by following the steps:

Double-click the email to open it in a new window

Click the … (More actions) icon present at the right of the message-

pane to open message options

From the options, click View

The view message source window appears with all the details about

the email, including the email header

Copy the entire email header text and paste it into the Email headers: field of eMailTrackerPro, and click Trace

The My Trace Reports window opens.
The email location will be traced in a Map (world map GUI). You can also view

the summary by selecting Email Summary on the right-hand side of the window. The Table section right below the Map shows the entire hop in the route, with the IP and suspected locations for each hop.

To examine the report, click the View Report button above Map to view the complete trace report.

The complete report appears in the default browser

If a pop-up window appears asking for a browser to be selected, select Firefox

and click OK.

Expand each section to view detailed information.

This concludes the demonstration of gathering information through analysis of the email header using eMailTrackerPro.

you can also use email tracking tools such as Infoga (https://github.com), Mailtrack (https://mailtrack.io), etc. to track an email and extract target information such as sender identity, mail server, sender’s IP address, location, etc.

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